‘Tis the Season—for Chocolate Chips!

Chocolate is an instant classic. Whether it’s dark chocolate, white chocolate, or our own personal favorite, milk chocolate—there’s something infinitely satisfying about the sweet confection. From cookies to pies to brownies, chocolate just makes everything better. That’s why Homemade Brand Ice Cream’s chocolate chip flavors are so special.

Our signature chocolate chips are made from our unique family recipe that blends two different kinds of rich, creamy chocolate to make a truly special treat. We’ve passed this recipe down through four generations and continue to make it with the same love and attention to detail it’s received since the beginning. It’s a recipe so classic it’s timeless.

Want a taste of our special chocolate chips? You can find them in many of our best-selling ice creams. Whether you are craving a classic or a new flavor to wake up your taste buds, Homemade Brand Ice Cream has something we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Our classic Chocolate Chip features Madagascar vanilla ice cream and our signature chocolate chips, while our Cherry Cordial is made with sweet Amaretto and a delightful blend of almond, maraschino cherries and our signature chocolate chips.

We also put our signature chips in some of our more adventurous flavors like Peanut Butter ‘n Chip, which features loads of creamy peanut butter mixed with our chocolate chips, and Black Raspberry Chip, which is a fusion of rich chocolate chips and black raspberry ice cream.

Have you tried one of our most popular flavors—Mint Chocolate Chip? Our Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream mixes fresh mint with our signature chips for an experience that’s been a family favorite for generations. If mint isn’t your style, try out our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. A kid-approved classic, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough fuses sweet chunks of sugar cookie dough with our creamy vanilla ice cream and swirls of chocolate chips.

If you’re in the store and searching for something newer, try out our Coconut Almond Chip. We lovingly crafted this ice cream with real flakes of coconut, our signature chips, and chunks of perfectly roasted almonds. It’s a mature take on a chocolate chip classic with a tropical twist.

Whatever you’re craving, at Homemade Brand Ice Cream we’re certain there’s a chocolate chip flavor that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth; but will also transport you back to your childhood with just one bite!

Homemade Brand chocolate chip ice creams can be found at many stores near you, including Meijer, Kroger and Wal-Mart, as well as any neighborhood UDF store.

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