The Cream of The Crop

Looking around the freezer aisle we noticed something — no one was making a premium treat for the more-than-30-million lactose avoiders in the U.S.

Sure, in any given grocery store you can find a pint that checks the boxes of being dairy free, but none that sought to be the best-tasting, quality frozen treat the whole family could enjoy.

So we figured we’d make it ourselves.

Homemade Brand Dairy Free is our ode to anyone who’s ever loved a bowl of ice cream that didn’t love them back. The ones who’ve been scooped aside at ice cream socials. Something that could be your indulgent dessert, the one that’s been missing for all of us who’ve been left out of the ice cream aisle for too long.

And like any great Homemade Brand creation, our family started with the best ingredients to create the base for our seven signature flavors: cocoa for our chocolate, coconuts to make our rich coconut cream, real raspberry puree — a quality-first approach to making the perfect treat.

Then we load every flavor with dark, chocolate chunks, real strawberries, nuts and more to make a product we’re proud to sell in stores.

And that’s Dairy Free. No pints full of air-whipped products or “hints” of chocolate here, just pure ingredients and satisfying flavors that are better for lactose-sensitive stomachs.

The best part is our wide line of unique flavors stack up against traditional ice cream. In our desire to make creamy treats without the cream, we’ve created flavors that scratch your itch for pure decadence:

Chunky Panda: Our signature chocolate base made with real chocolate liqueur and packed to the brim with The World’s Most Popular Cookie. 

Sweet Relation-Chip: A soon-to-be-favorite that marries coconut cream with peanut butter and rich, dark chocolate chips.

Coconut Dream Chip: Hand-crafted with our luscious coconut cream and layered with toasted coconut, roasted almonds and dark chocolate chips.

Strawberry Lemongrass: A blend of real strawberries, our coconut cream and the subtle tang of lemongrass.

We believe that just because something is dairy free doesn’t mean it has to be flavor free and these plant-based delights are truly an ice cream alternative for lactose avoiders everywhere.

So find the flavor that fits your lifestyle, and we’ll keep doing our best to make a dairy-free, better-for-you treat that actually tastes good.