Homemade Brand Vanillas: 3 Great Takes on a Classic Flavor

This month we’d like to draw some attention to our three different vanilla flavors: our Homemade Brand classic Vanilla, Natural Vanilla Bean, and French Vanilla.

Each and every one of these exceptional vanilla ice creams offer a slightly different take on an original best-seller that can be thoroughly enjoyed in a variety of ways. They’re special on their own, as the perfect dessert pairing, or even in a float! Homemade Brand has a vanilla ice cream experience sure to impress you, your friends, and your family around the holidays, or any time you want a special treat.


Our Homemade Brand Vanilla is a classic family recipe that has a velvety smooth finish and an incredibly small list of ingredients we promise you can pronounce! Skim milk, cream, and sugar top the list of this delicious favorite. We love our classic Vanilla so much, to us it is the perfect vanilla. It’s the perfect consistency and sweetness, it’s great by itself, or in the middle of a brownie sundae or banana split covered with hot fudge, caramel sauce, cherries, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

Natural Vanilla Bean

Natural Vanilla Bean is another vanilla flavor we just can’t help being excited about! This Homemade Brand vanilla is a fresher, lighter take on our classic flavor. It has been lovingly crafted with only a handful of real ingredients, includes real vanilla bean specks, and is made entirely without eggs. This vanilla is a beautiful, all natural take that goes great paired with heavier, richer desserts and toppings. Favorites like dense dark chocolate cakes and decadent fruit tarts are easily balanced by the mellow vanilla tones found throughout this tastefully refreshing ice cream.

French Vanilla

Homemade Brand French Vanilla is the ultimate flavor for serious vanilla fans. This vanilla ice cream is made with extra egg yolk—giving it a creamy texture that’s so dense it’s almost like custard. This full-bodied ice cream is great paired with fresh fruit for a simple yet decadent dessert, or even on its own! It’s a family favorite that’s the perfect complement to your grandmother’s apple pie or blueberry cobbler!

Each of these unique vanilla ice creams are delightful enough to enjoy any day and any season. Homemade Brand Ice Cream can be found at many of your favorite local retailers, including Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart (depending on your state). Be sure to check the website for exact retail locations!