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Homemade Brand Ice Cream
Made with More

What does made with more mean? To us, it means we make our premium ice cream the way you would. With the freshest of creams, the purest of sugars, the finest of natural flavors, the most amazing of add-ins: ample portions of succulent fruits, whole nuts, and other top-tier trimmings. Never skimping on the quantity or quality of what goes into our ice cream. Delivering more good stuff per spoonful, more taste per taste bud. In other words, more reasons to want more. Producing smiles since 1982.

It was back in 1939 that United Dairy Farmers, a fine and family-owned company, began to make ice cream, a fine and family-favored treat. Not surprisingly, it caught on.

Over time, though, as has been known to happen, tastes evolved, migrated. Became more sophisticated. More refined. More demanding. So, in 1982, after two years of trials in our test kitchens, UDF answered these ice cream lovers’ demands. Fulfilled their desires. With Homemade Brand Ice Cream. A confection of such perfection, our people proudly put their names on the bottom of each 48-ounce container. A treat so completely uncommonplace, it conquered the marketplace.

From the beginning, Homemade Brand has had—and still sticks to—a simple philosophy: the very best ingredients make the very best ice cream. And whether you pick a classic like Cookies ‘n’ Cream, a bestseller like Cherry Cordial or a Special Recipe Flavor like Hawaiian Sundae, you always get the tippy-top of the ice cream crop. With deep flavors, fresh condiments and far less air, for a densely delicious taste experience.

We bring that same care, an unsurpassed passion, to our process. Mixing and packing with precision. Attentively overseeing its shipping and stocking. Making sure that from start to shelf, Homemade Brand Ice Cream is truly made with more.